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Life is a Circus: So, Let’s Step into Self Mastery

Trailer / 4th Apr, 2024

The Heart Chamber

Episode 46 / 16th Apr, 2024

Marli Williams - Let's Lead Together

Episode 24 / 10th Apr, 2024

The Fire Inside Her with Diane Schroeder

Episode 63 / 17th Apr, 2024

Real Estate Energized!

Episode 8 / 20th Dec, 2023


Episode 91 / 16th Apr, 2024

Author Express

Episode 71 / 17th Apr, 2024

Black Writer Therapy Podcast

Episode 203 / 27th Mar, 2024
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Authentic Connections - 37 by 27

Authentic Connections Podcast Network brings you authentic voices and genuine conversation. For creators; we take the stress and tech out of podcasting, allowing them to focus on what they love most.

Our audacious goal of #37by27 addresses the abysmal number of women hosting podcasts, raising it to at least 37% by 2027.

Because really, shouldn’t it be closer to 50%?

If you have a podcast that has been burning inside of you and you aren't sure where to start- go to https://linktr.ee/37by27 and send a message. We'd love to be of support.